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Iowa GranuFlo Heart Attack Risk

Iowa GranuFlo Heart Attack LawyersThe risk of GranuFlo heart attack was identified by Fresenius Medical Group during 2011, after reviewing heart attack rates in the company’s own clinics in patients who had recently had dialysis treatment which utilized GranuFlo. GranuFlo is a dialysate; its purpose is to aid in the cleansing of the blood of toxic wastes during dialysis treatment. Specifically, GranuFlo is used to reduce the acid buildup in the blood. When the active ingredients, sodium diacetate or acetate, are metabolized, bicarbonate is released as a byproduct. The reason for the GranuFlo heart attack risk is that it contains a large quantity of the active ingredients, thereby increasing the likelihood that the body will produce too much bicarbonate. High levels of bicarbonate in the bloodstream lead to a condition called metabolic alkalosis, and it is this condition that makes GranuFlo heart attack likely. Metabolic alkalosis puts the heart at risk of a range of problems, including low blood pressure, hypokalemia, hypoexemia, hypercapnia, and cardiac arrhythmia. Such circumstances can quickly progress to life-threatening cardiopulmonary arrest and death.

Medical Experts Declare GranuFlo Heart Attack Risk

The GranuFlo heart attack risk was first noted by the company itself, through an internal company memo on November 4, 2011. Despite noting “troubling findings” that revealed patients using GranuFlo were six times more likely to develop a heart attack than others not taking GranuFlo, the company did not file a report with the FDA. During the year 2010, in Fresenius Medical Care clinics alone, 941 people had GranuFlo heart attacks – that is, they had a heart attack immediately following the use of GranuFlo in their dialysis treatment. Fresenius Medical Company made recommendations to their own health care providers regarding the use of the product to minimize the risk of GranuFlo heart attack but did not warn others using Fresenius products. GranuFlo Heart Attack Lawyers

It was only in March of 2012, when a copy of the GranuFlo heart attack memo was anonymously leaked to the FDA, that the public became aware of the GranuFlo heart attack risk. The FDA issued a GranuFlo Heart Attack Warning in May of that year, and then a Class 1 GranuFlo heart attack recall in June stating, “This product may cause serious adverse health consequences including death.”

In an investigatory piece on GranuFlo heart attack published in June of 2012, The New York Times reported that Fresenius is the U.S. leader in dialysis centers and products in the United States. For not warning the public about the risks of GranuFlo heart attack, Fresenius Medical Care is now under investigation by the FDA for possible violations of federal medical safety violations. The company’s website describes GranuFlo as the “most widely used” dry acid product in dialysis centers in the nation. Touting GranuFlo as “the safest choice” among dialysates, economical, containers that are easy to use, and the product with “superior clinical outcomes”, this description makes no mention of GranuFlo heart attack risks or the GranuFlo heart attack FDA warning or Class 1 recall.

Iowa GranuFlo Heart Attack Lawyers Offer Assistance

Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawyers are experts in legal cases pertaining to dialysis patients who have experienced GranuFlo related heart attack. If you or a loved one fits that description, a Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawyer can answer your specific questions and tell you about your legal rights.

GranuFlo is still in use in dialysis clinics in Iowa and throughout the country. The company’s own Urgent Product Notification, issued only after their own internal memo about the risk of GranuFlo heart attack was leaked to the FDA, gives clinicians specific information about the safe use of GranuFlo. There was a lapse in time between the company’s discovery of the danger of GranuFlo heart attack and the public warning. No doubt, many patients experienced heart attacks that could have been avoided.

Iowa GranuFlo Heart Attack Lawsuits

Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawsuits are represented on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay nothing if you do not receive compensation. People in Iowa who have experienced heart attack while using GranuFlo may file a Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawsuit or their loved ones may file a Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawsuit on their behalf. Complete the contact form at the side of this page to receive a free consultation and to have your Iowa GranuFlo heart attack lawsuit questions answered.